Sunday, July 24, 2005

It Finally Happened…

Finally finally but i cannot said i should be glad about it.. But i finally went without food for one day!! Not because i don't want to or an extreme way of getting slim, but i am sick and really have no appetite wat-so-ever for food. For many who were wondering, i have the runs!! Horrible diarrhea since midnight and i had to wait for 2 hours to see the doctor!! Luckily i lived just opposite the clinic so i went back home twice!

Anyway, i had no idea what i ate to give me such bad runs! Eight trips to the toilet without any solid stuff but semi gooey stuff splashing all over the toilet bowl. Plain disgusting i will say and the area where it spit out from stinged of pain whenever the gooey stuff forced itself out!! Haha. But im feeling much better with the pills given though im still weak. Lying whole day on bed until now to check my email. Another feat i guess, i seldom don't touched the computer when im at home. Lol.

Thou e appetite was curbed but it will no doubt ever been eradicated.. Another makan session tomorrow? =)

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