Saturday, July 16, 2005

Guiness Gala Dinner

Today was a rainy day, in a way and i was real scared because i was driving to Singapore Expo for the Guiness Gala Dinner. The tickets were complimentary from my uncle. For a moment, i thought it was going to be some stout drinking stuff but surprise surprise, it's like a concert with chinese style dinner!! 7 courses, not 10 courses, a bit not traditional style though~ lol. But it's a really huge event!! A 10,000 people turnout with 1,000 tables available!!

The Guest of Honour of the event was again another surprise; our dear Mrs SM (Senior Minister lah!) or Mrs Goh Chok Tong, who was embroiled in a scandal recently because of her comments on the $600,000 salary of Mr Durai, the infamous CEO (i think) of NKF. But well people, media may not always potray the truthful intent of a person. A lot of words can be twisted into a different meaning and so, let's dun dwell too much on what Mrs Goh sait. Maybe it's taken out of context?

Another nice surprise!! The main theme of the day was not food, the category i always loved to dwell in! Not that it's not fabulous, but it really was not worth mentioning when every dish was cold!! Yes, i know the cold dish was supposed to be cold but have you ever tasted soggy crackers with cold chicken!?!? They were edible at the very least consideration and seriously not that bad.

The main highlight of the day was really the celebrities they invited for e show!! Zhou Chuanxiong, Ah Du and Alex Toh~!! And the thing on everyone’s mind seemed to be the Tuo Diao (Stripped!) song of Alex. I don't understand the mentality of people! Yes, its a nice song but yet, it's like a lot of people wanted to see Alex being stripped down to his underwear!! There were a lot of screaming and shouting for the striptease. I dunno whether to laugh or despair at how narrow minded some people can be. Overall, it was a really good concert by all those involved, including the compere, Quan Yi Feng!

The emblem of which im chopped for easy access. Toilets were really congested (imagine 10,000 ppl sharing just 8 toilets!!) so i would usually go out to the foyer. I dun have a big bladder for all e water i had inside!!

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