Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Driving Day

Yes, been busy driving the whole day!!

Not that i was complaining but i really hate driving under the hot sun~ And wat's worse? Rain plus hot sun!! It's a great miracle i was not sick, since I cannot wind down the windows of my good old Toyota Corrolla DX (yes, i finally got the model) when it rains!

9am and i was out of the house, to go market with my mum to buy fresh fish! Ask her to buy NTUC she said not fresh!! After i reached back home, my dear old rubee peed!! Being a responsible owner, i had to clear up the mess ,as usual. Late for my mom and my sis’s appointment at the gynae but doctor was busy! Went to eat hor fun but bloody pic showed 3 prawns and i only found one!


Drove to pray at one of the temples near Balestier. After tat it's snacks time!! Went to buy peng kuey (rice snack) and tar sau piah (bean paste pastry)! One good thing about balestier, it's their tar sau piah. Had heard that Balestier food was good but i seriously haven't try much stuff there except for Urban Pooch, a doggie cafe tat sells human and dog food. Visit grandma in SGH and then go AMK NTUC for grocery, and then go back home. Night time go out eat at Chomp Chomp. Total fuel charge still manageable! And luckily Shell is giving out 25% discounts!!!

Another sinful and tiring day…. Tomorrow healthy!!

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