Friday, July 08, 2016

Neon Fest (Closed) @ Lumphini Square [Bangkok]

My intention was to share my experience when i chose to visit the Neon Fest in Bangkok on a weekday. Alas, the festival has since shut down for good but i couldn't just cast my photos aside since they are tied to my Bangkok 2016 travelogue

The visit was a Tuesday and i was already suspecting something was amiss when the usual crowd was missing when i stepped out of the MRT station. Things worsened when i got nearer to the supposed location of the fest.

With lights still switched on for the main signboard, it gave one the impression that everything was "business as usual". 

Sad fact was that there wasn't much activity and there were other clueless people like who decided to check out the place even though it was a weekday. 

Some stalls were open although limited to mainly F&B. As i was more interested in retail shopping rather than F&B, there's honestly nothing much for me.

A tad interested in the butter beer but hardly sufficient motivation for me to actually sit down and enjoy a mug of beer popularised in the Harry Potter books. 

Alex, on the other hand, had his eyes glued to the amusement park next to the Neon Fest. It's the Chang Beer Global Carnival which, as of today, is still operational! Check out the link here for the rides available in the funfair

Spotted this when i left for the station; damn, so the neon fest was only open from Thursdays to Sundays! In a way, i kind of regretted not landing in Bangkok on a Thursday to stretch out the "weekend" for more night markets. 

As mentioned right in the beginning of this post, Neon Fest has CLOSED for good until further notice. Even the facebook page has since been taken down.


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