Sunday, July 03, 2016

Day Three of My Relaxing Six Days, Five Nights Bangkok Trip!

It's my birthday and instead of getting all relaxed for an enjoyable day, we hit the gym and pool at Park Plaza (Sukhumvit) hotel in anticipation of the food we were going to indulge in for the rest of the day! 

We decided to give Pier 21 a miss even though i was definitely craving for its Thai omelette with rice! A ride on the BTS shall bring us to a shopping mall Singaporeans would be familiar with; CentralWorld.

Alighted at Chit Lom station since the mall was inconveniently located in between two BTS stations and i am expecting a long walk on the sky bridge connecting quite a number of stations. I am just thankful the bridge was sheltered to shade us from the scorching hot sun. 

Back alleys of two rows of shophouses; similar to Singapore even though ours generally were built with spiral staircases. 

Got this at 20 baht from a street vendor on the bridge - Want to guess what it was for? Hint - it's a necessity in the hot weather.

A foldable fan! It's compact and was a saviour in the few days i was in Bangkok. I still have it in my luggage and if it hasn't broken into bits and pieces, i would bring it along in my next trip! 

CentralWorld - the reason i chose this shopping centre for lunch was due to the presence of many Japanese restaurants; i needed to eat something good on my birthday and eventually cast my vote for pork loin cutlet at Tonkatsu Wako.

Got a bit bored with the expensive offerings at CentralWorld and we proceeded to MBK (MahBoonKrong) shopping centre where i got a pack of disgusting sun-dried bananas

Boredom set in once again and i wondered if i should have booked for a more fitting activity to celebrate my 36th year on Earth, maybe a half-day spa.  I couldn't foresee myself doing the aforementioned and took the BTS once again to Saphan Taksin station! 

This seemingly abandoned skyscraper caught my attention and i regretted not paying it a visit as it's the infamous Bangkok's ghost tower! Apparently, you can pay the caretaker for a visit between 2 and 8pm! 

Without any prior knowledge about the tower, we walked the other way as it was too early for the free shuttle to another night market. 

Chanced upon a century-old Chinese temple near Saphan Taksin BTS station! It has a strange legend and instead of notable deities, its patron is a group of 108 heroic souls.

With the glaring setting sun upon us, we made our way back to the riverbank of Mekong River where there were numerous jetties for us to choose from. From memory, i knew exactly where to go. 

Destination: Asiatique the Riverfront

Was there for a couple of hours, including a birthday dinner at Fire and Dine restaurant, before we called it a day as we were aching all over! Why torture myself on my birthday right? 

After dumping our buys at the hotel, it's time to find a place to soothe my muscles and we recollected a number of massage parlours along the street where Terminal 21 stood. I would always remember the street as it had a canal with a foul stench! 

Chosen was the Reflex Place Massage Therapy at 300 baht for an hour of Thai massage; masseur seemed to be in a rush although she hit the right spot every time! So is that considered good?  


Postings for the Day (click to read more)

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  5. Side Activites for the Kids @ Asiatique the Riverfront
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