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Global Carnival Amusement Park by Chang Beer @ Bangkok Lumphini Square (Next to Neon Fest) [Thailand]

We were expecting a neon extravaganza but chanced upon a large scale fun fair similar to the Uncle Ringo funfair we used to see in Singapore about 20 years ago!

Known as Chang Global Carnival, i think you would know who the main sponsor is by looking at the two neon-green elephants on the sides! I wasn't keen to enter given the hefty pricing; entry fee is 90 baht and that's not even including the ticket for the individual rides! 

As expected, the never-grow-up Alex insisted and i only relented when he offered to pay! It was a Tuesday and the place was rather deserted; a situation preferred by a local TV production company that was checking out the place. 

Remember, the RFID tag would act as your electronic wallet whenever you take a ride and you should keep wristband on you until you leave the carnival.

This neon-top container would be the only way for you to top up your tag with cash. Even though Alex was willing to fork out the money, kind-hearted me couldn't ignore the fact that the rides were too expensive and chose to be the photographer instead. 

Fantasia - simply put, it's an electronic merry go round for kids. I couldn't imagine if the two brats were with me; it's with utmost certainty i would leave with a much lighter wallet.

Wave Swinger - another merry go round but for adults and with the ability to make one soar to the skies! okay, maybe just a few meters higher. 

A kid's version known as Mini Swinger was available too! 

River Rafting - with a tagline "ready to get wet", this would be one ride we would hate to take without an extra set of clothing and i doubt it would be as exciting as the ones at Adventure Cove

Booster - Uncle Ringo had a similar ride and i think it was called Top-Gun. Now that i am taller (compared to my pre-teens) and older, i am under the impression this was much higher than Top-Gun! 

I was tempted and would have proceeded if not the screams and green, about to vomit, expression from two riders who gamely took up a dare. The rotation was insanely fast, resulting in a pull that's likely to force the soul out of your physical body! 

The movie that came to mind was "Final Destination" - not a good omen. 

Dark Ride Horror House - a haunted dwelling that's getting too lame in the contemporary era we live in. None of us took it as i assumed it would be similar to the one we encountered at Taiwan; Swiss Castle (古堡怪談) @ Yun Hsien Resort, Wulai.

Galeone - another iconic ride for old school amusement park. I loved this when i was young; until i chanced upon an incident that a rider vomited halfway through. Ugh!

Maybe i should consider the kiddish version; Mini Ship. 

See the Booster in action! Compared to the rest of the rides, this proved to be the most enthralling and surprisingly, the most popular too judging from the screams i heard ever so frequently from the sky. 

The fast moving, motion sickness inducing Musik Express; boasting a maximum 12 revolutions per minutes which translated into 5 seconds a round, i can guaranteed a merlion output if i ever take it. 

As the rides were pricey, Alex took his own sweet time to decide which ride to take. Eventually, he decided to go with the classic - the Wave Swinger! 

I wasn't allowed to post his photo so let's replace the dickhead with a smiley face! :) Anyway, there was a similar ride at the outdoor theme park in Genting Highlands before their demolition and Alex will take it every time he was there.

For me, i don't take well to rides that go in circles. As someone prone to motion sickness, unless i am the driver, i would not want to spoil my overseas vacations! 

Operator for the Wave Swinger - yes, you suspect correctly; his control station was in the eye of the storm! Personally, i thought it is a safety hazard! 

Stern Von Rio - this seemingly harmless looking ride was in fact the ultimate motion-sickness inducer and i didn't realise it until it started moving.

The twists and turns may appear nothing to you but i can assure you it would be a different story when you are on it. There was one at Berjaya Times Square theme park in Kuala Lumpur and the whole bunch of us who took the ride had to rest for at least half an hour and that didn't even result in full recovery. 

Kangaroo - a family fun ride that again was quite the same with another ride in Universal Studios Singapore. Could you guess which one? It's Dino-Soaring

Dodgem - our classic bumper cars. 

Ferris Wheel - another mainstay in traditional amusement parks even though this was a lot shorter than the one in Asiatique the Riverfront at Bangkok

Wasn't 'open for business' though. 

Freij's Euro Star - a rollercoaster attraction that i enjoyed very much when i was younger and there wasn't Universal Studios Singapore

Now that we have a few such rides in Universal Studios Singapore with Battlestar Galactica towering the others with heart in your mouth exhilaration and the unforgettable G-Force, i can honestly tell you that this would pale in comparison.

Toys for Kids - it should be renamed Toys for Boys as the vessels are the typical motor vehicles not well liked by the fairer sex; namely, "fire trucks, buses, police cars, racing cars and even motorcycles".

Brucomela - a family themed roller-coaster that would result in many yawns for seasoned adults like me. Oh well, i will pretend to be thrilled when i am with the kids.

Wild Mouse - layout was quite similar to the Caribbean Splash at Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village without the water element. The difference was actually quite wide as the cars would spin around when moving; again, unsuitable for motion-sickers! 

Another two rides for the kids - you can still find them in Singapore and usually in bigger scale pasar malams. Jovyn and Jerald love them and i usually push the payment to my younger sister who dotes on them!

Alex wanted another ride and despite my strong endorsement for the Booster, the scaredy cat opted for the lesser-thrill; the Extreme. 

I am taking back my words for calling Alex a scaredy cat as the ride was no joke and i applauded him for his courage even though he had no inkling how bad it was! Hahaha. 


Corner of Lumphini Park

Nearest MRT Station
Lumphini MRT Station, Exit 1

Map of Carnival
As above.

Pricing for Rides
As above.

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