Friday, February 05, 2016

The Incredible Fishing Skill by the Cormorants (鱼鹰)

I hate fishing and if not for commercial fishing, i think i can jolly well eliminate fish from my diet since i simply don't have the patience to wait for my catch! 

In the case of the cormorants, the effort used was minimal and i had the opportunity to marvel at their fishing skill in quite a few occasions when i was in China last October

The domestic bird would disappear from the surface for a while and when it resurfaced, it's hard not to notice that fattened neck. I didn't attempt but I doubt i can stop my food halfway down my throat. 

That's where the "cruelty" sets in; in order to stop the bird from eating the fish whole, a string was tied at the base of the neck. If it were me, i would have choked and regurgitated the fish back into the water.

Not for the cormorants; it would willingly go back to its owner as it requires help to remove the stuck fish! The cormorants are so good in fishing that it was said that one bird can easily feed a family of three! 

Another "performance" by the same team.

Human's hierarchy of needs has resulted in the decimation of many animals and although the action is deemed to be cruel, eating is a need and i presume that the cormorants would eventually get a decent meal at the end of the day.

Of course you can pose with the main star of the performances; for a small fee of course. Take a look at the webbed feet; bet some of you are thinking of braised duck feet! 


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