Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lu Village (鲁家村) - Short Stopover at A Famous Village @ Guilin (桂林)

As mentioned in my last post, Lu Village is a mere link for us to take the cruise along Taohua River although i thought it would be fitting to give the supposedly famous village a one-post entry.

Okay, i admit it was a feeble attempt on my side to break the post into mini-versions; a lengthy blog post can be time consuming and i simply don't have that luxury this year! Therefore, please accept my apology in advance!

Coming back, i did mention this is a famous village in Guilin and its popularity arises from its location which allows a visitor to take in one of Guilin's eight most spectacular sights; 阳江秋月.

Another sight that people look out for is the long and black PVC tube to the right of the pedestrian cum motor vehicle bridge. Acting as a dam for the river which results in two depths that begets the question; how do the boats travel along then?!

I shall give the answer at a later post but the hint is; think of panama canal.

Damn the self stick! Wait, i am not berating the ladies who were super excited to take numerous photos using the stick. I am blaming myself for forgetting about the self stick even though i had brought it along for the trip!

Directional signs to other villages and tourist destination for those who have more time to spare.

Write up on Village Lu - in a nutshell, it dated back to the Ming dynasty and as of 2013, there were 111 households with 328 persons in the village and surprise surprise, the common surname is not Lu (鲁); it's Ouyang (欧阳)!

Back when the village was formed, there were five households and people mispronounced the word five (wu) for lu; the name stuck, for better or for worse. The village has since expanded with a massive rejuvenation in 2010 with old buildings that were torn down and rebuilt.

Aside from being known as Village Lu, it's also well known to be the village of tofu; hence, the statues of family grinding soy beans! Now, i love tofu and remember fondly Shenkeng, the tofu capital in Taiwan

Pity there wasn't any smelly tofu even though you can still find a number of shops / stalls selling beancurd and fried tofu. I have a taste of them and you may find my review here

A statue of Sun Wukong - what's the relevance!? According to the information panel, Lu village was also one of the filming sites for the immensely popular China drama serial back in the 80s! 

Reaching the jetty for the Taohua River cruise and facing a beautiful bridge ahead of us. 

It's the same pedestrian cum motor vehicle bridge that we stepped upon earlier. We didn't feel its beauty then yet from afar; it was an impressive piece of work! 


Guilin City, 
Guangxi Province,

Do check out the posting for the summarised itinerary of Chan Brother's tour package (guaranteed no shopping stops) to Guilin; it would give you a better overview of my trip. :) 

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