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Buganvil Villa No 25 - What To Expect & Bring @ Bintan Lagoon Resort [Bintan Island]

I was compelled to write on the villas in bintan lagoon resort as i could hardly find much useful information on the world wide web before my trip! This post would be especially helpful for DBS employees who are allowed to reserve a villa at a fantastic rate for 3 consecutive nights. 

There are three types of villa in the resort and i am going to concentrate on the one my sister secured through her company; Buganvil No 25. A more comprehensive entry on the resort would be covered in a few days time. 

With a built in area of 185 square meters (as a comparison, a 4-room new generation HDB flat is roughly 92 square meters), it is a 2-level fully air-conditioned bungalow with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and daily housekeeping service! 

Living Room
Spacious enough for our family of six adults and two children to catch Channel 8, Channel 5, Channel U (yes, Singapore channels are available) and other cable channels on the big television! One thing i would love to have is a programme listing telling me what are available on those cable channels.

Even though i enjoyed climbing up and down the stairs when i was a kid, the same cannot be said now. It was a torture and the constant up, down, up down was frequent enough for me to have muscle ache when i returned to Singapore.

Jovyn enjoying the space! 

There was a master bedroom that had a double bed and an attached bathroom with a bathtub. This is the only room with an equipment that mom would love to get her hands on; the hairdryer. 

Another room has twin beds. Every room has basic amenities like a dressing table and cupboard to keep your clean clothes. The decor was relatively out-dated with wooden furnishing and parquet flooring. So don't expect too much just because of its "villa" title.

Two rooms have a single bed; of which i took one. Frankly, i had never slept alone in a foreign place before and had to switch on the music every night i was in the villa! By the way, the power plugs are the type we can find in Singapore so there is seriously no need to bring along your international adapters.

View from my bedroom - there were stories of haunting in the villas; unexplained knocking, scratching on the walls etc. It's a pity I didn't encounter anything strange.

They were clean, well maintained with hot shower facility and included your usual small bottles of shower gel, shampoo, lotion and conditioner. 

Kitchen and Dining Area
A fully equipped kitchen where mom can continue to work as a housewife and whip up delicious cuisines without the need for us to pay exorbitant prices in the resort's restaurants. 

Don't worry about the cooking appliances and utensils; we found toaster, frying pans, pots, glasses, coffee cups, kettle, forks, spoons, knives, scissors, wooden spatulas and even BBQ skewers, brush and tongs! 

Here comes the important question; where do we get the food?

My family bought everything (cooking oil, butter, raw meat, vegetables etc) in Singapore and brought them to Bintan! We dumped most food into a Styrofoam box and checked it in at the custom. 

I was advised to tick "no" in the customs declaration form for "We are bringing animals, fish and plants, including their products (vegetables, food etc)" and didn't face any problem. 

Alternatively, if you happen to be someone who die die has to obey the law, you can purchase your grocery in advance through the resort. The prices were not cheap but for bulkier items like charcoal, ice and BBQ wire mesh, it would be best to order via the list. 

There is a third option; buy them in a local market near Pasar Ole Ole (you can go there via shuttle which is payable) or at the supermarkets in Tanjong Pinang (only possible if you rent a car). More would be talked about on the transportation and the places next week! 

Outdoor BBQ Area
Surrounded with lush greenery while reading the newspapers; this would be a perfect relaxation for mom if the table includes a pot of freshly brewed coffee or tea and a plate of pastries. 

An unsheltered BBQ pit can be really frustrating in the unpredictable moody weather we are facing this month. Lighting was insufficient with just one spotlight shining on the spot at night. As Bintan is one hour behind Singapore, this means you would be better off starting your barbecuing before 5pm Singapore time. 

Do you love to BBQ but take a terribly long time to start the fire? Get these cans of starter fire gel or jelly! Given free with the 5 kilo charcoal we ordered through the resort, it was a breeze to get the fire going!

See how the fire roars! 

We packed so much food (100 sticks of satay, chicken steaks, pork chops, hot dogs, taiwan sausages, chicken wings, prawns, sotongs, corns, sweet potatoes); we actually had BBQ sessions for two nights! 

Put it this way, we managed to save a lot on outside food expenses! 

As part of the corporate deal, a complimentary 4-seater buggy was available for us to use. This was a great convenience for the ladies who do not wish to walk under the hot sun! 

Operating the buggy was simple for a class 3 manual driver like me. The only difference is the above three-way gear switch; one side was reverse (you can hear the irritating beeping sound), the middle one was neutral and other one was to accelerate.

Tap on the "STOP" pedal before stepping on "GO". To park the buggy, remember to step on the tiny "PARK" pedal and lock it in position before switching the gear to neutral. How easy is that!?

Just for your information, it would cost S$30.25 per hour to rent a buggy of the same capacity! As you might have realised by now, everything was quoted in Singapore dollars in the Bintan resorts area. 



I mentioned three types of villas previously and Buganvil is considered as mid-sized. 

Cempaka is the smallest (one-level) with three bedrooms. Safra members can book any one of the four Cempaka villas; for more details, please click here

Angsoka is the big brother and its villas are located closest to the private beach. With up to five bedrooms (usually only four) and a private pool, the daily rate to book the Angsoka villa was calculated to be S$750.42 for a Saturday night (23 February 2013) stay according to the website.

Map of the Villas
As Above

Additional Information
Feeling rich? Some of the units are available for investment purposes! For enquiries, please send an email to


  1. How much for the cempaka villa?1st - 4th May

    1. Hi Felicia,

      Please visit the following website to check on the prices;

      If you are booking via Safra, click

      Thanks. :)

  2. Hi for the customs check, u did not declare that u did not bring any frozen food/meat or dry food into Bintan? Thanks

    1. i did mention to the guy who check in our luggage but he ignored what i said... which was a good thing for us though. haha. we did, however, have a plan b.

      Buy everything in bintan and you can actually visit the local market to do that; check out for the details.

    2. hi bro, did u pack your food in a separate luggage bag? or u just pay in the NTUC plastic bag? don mind can share more with me? u can email me on

    3. Hey bro! i packed the food in a styrofoam box and it was checked in the same way as you would have done with your large luggage. No question was asked!


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