Saturday, February 02, 2013

Inside the Supertree @ Silver Garden [Gardens by the Bay]

Against the backdrop of the busy Singapore Straits, the much talked about Supertrees are collectively a spectacular sight even though we are all aware they are man-made structures.

But when Cavin saw an unblocked path leading into the core of the tree, he just could not resist his curiosity to step in for a better look! Every supertree is made up of four components; the concrete core, the trunk, the planting panels and the canopy. 

The core, as we see here, is the main support pillar and also the one that helps to collect rainwater for the gardens' usage whereas the purple pipes are the main frame holding the planting panels that give the supertree the unique appearance.

Plants to be placed on the supertrees are specially selected and for all 18 supertrees, over 162,900 plants of more than 200 species were used!

Given the magnitude of the species and that one of the consideration criteria is the plant should not be commonly found in Singapore, i wonder if these plants are indeed suitable for the country's hot, humid climate. 

Personally, i don't think so.


Gardens by the Bay

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