Friday, February 08, 2013

Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee (亚王咖喱鸡米粉面) @ Hong Lim Food Centre [Chinatown]

Ms Sandra Chui, being the kind colleague she has always been (seriously, i am not being sarcastic here), has suggested a curry chicken noodle shop at Hong Lim Food Centre that is famed in Chinatown.

"Remember, it is the one on the first floor!" was the last sentence i remember before we moved on to other discussion topics. 

I didn't pay much attention to what she said so when i chanced upon this curry chicken stall on the second floor with a human line at 5pm and plastered with numerous media accolades; i thought this was the exact same one recommended by Ms Chui and proceeded immediately to join the queue.

The pleasing sight of a huge pot of tau pok swimming in curry that never seemed to stop boiling was enough to activate the hungry growler in my stomach! 

Dah tah! There was only one type of noodles (bee hoon as mentioned in my subject) and besides the tau pok (a kind of dried fried beancurd), my bowl included slices of chicken, pieces of potatoes and fish cake. 

Curry, being the taste-giver in this dish, was disappointingly light without the intensive milky richness i personally preferred. Furthermore, there was a disgusting burnt aftertaste that reminded me so much of this famous charcoal hokkien mee in Geylang

Only one thing impressed me; the thick slices of boneless chicken meat (likely to be breast) that were incredibly smooth and tender! I never knew chicken breast meat can have such tenderness!


531A, Upper Cross Street, 
#02-58, Hong Lim Food Centre

Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee - S$4

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