Sunday, August 19, 2012

My First "Salary" for Blogging - From Nuffnang Singapore

After blogging for almost eight years and registering with Nuffnang, a blog advertisement company, for three years, i finally received a white envelope that i had been anticipating since May 2012!

The delay (it should have taken less than a month) wasn't explained to me but i assumed someone up there must have forgotten to issue the payment to me. Nonetheless, it took merely a few emails to resolve the issue on non-payment. 

A cheque of S$204.72! 

It may not seem much yet it would still help in supplementing my upcoming travel expenses to China. And if my plan (which shall still remain secret) falls through, i might actually need additional cash to tide me in the near future. 

*shall entertain no question on the plan*


  1. it took you only 3 months to get S$200?! Good job!! Teach me!!!

  2. You've been blogging for 3 years? Wow! Love your site. I have just started. Any comments/feedback hugely appreciated. Great fun and very addictive, I'm trying to write something everyday.

  3. er.. u misunderstood.(i wish I get 200 in 3 months)

    I meant 3 months for the cheque to be sent to me since the time I click cash out.

    Yours u put u were anticipating since May. You received only in Aug. so also 3 months. They dun take 1 month lol.

  4. changmoh girl: thanks! but eventually, u will find that u dun have enough time for other stuff! :P

    foodieFC: oops! bloody! they should change the wordings on the cash out page!


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