Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Gala Cafe (嘉樂冰廳) - Sandwich with Generous Filling @ Tsuen Wan [Hong Kong] #galacafehk

Google Map is a godsend for travellers as i would have totally missed out the Gala Cafe if i were to rely on traditional guidebooks or even blog reviews! Nowadays, i would just scroll through the surroundings of where i stay so that it's more convenient to find food, especially in the morning.

Review was then above 4.0 (it has since dropped to 3.8 with over 500 reviews) but it did appear to be quite popular with a notice asking customers to queue across the road, behind the railing! Thankfully, i was there at about 9.20 am and there's no queue! 

Aside from the apparent popularity, there's another reason for the supposed queue; the air-conditioned eatery was incredibly tiny! What you see is what you get and don't bother if you are going with a big group; chances are you would have to split up.

Order time! It's hard as the menu was rather extensive and without chef recommended / popular logos; i had to check online reviews to determine what i should order!

Ice Milk Tea - not a huge fan of coffee in other countries, i went with milk tea and wasn't disappointed with both the milkiness and strong infusion of tea! Best of all, it's not too sweet! 

Prawn Wanton Noodle - i was watching an episode of Running Man where a group of members went to Hong Kong to complete a food challenge; however, they kept going for wanton noodles! Hence, it would be a terrible injustice if i didn't manage to have any wanton noodles.

There's goodness in plain simplicity and i guess that pretty summed up what i felt about the soup. Noodles were the iconic rubber band type that's thin; the kind that doesn't quite appeal to me even though i don't mind eating it. 

The prawn wanton was nothing like the type we commonly have in Singapore! The one from One Mouth Noodle @ Yishun Park Food Centre came close even though it's not as big. For a price of about S$5.20, we got about 7 large prawn wantons; absolutely worth it, i feel! 

Sandwich with Minced Beef and Egg - the sandwiches were the stars for the cafe and at first glance; i couldn't quite understand what the big deal was as there's nothing amazing about it.

Until i turned the plate; oh my god, there's like so much egg! The layer of minced beef was negligible and i am not looking forward to it due to its similarity to those canned corned beef which i dislike.

So shiok to just grab the sandwich with both hands and chomped it down! 

Verdict - bread was soft (i believed it was steamed prior to serving) and the omelette was of the perfect slight runny consistency! Much of the taste actually came from the minced beef as the egg was just lightly salted. I am not absolutely impressed but strangely, it was comfort food for me. 


40B San Tsuen St, 
Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


As above.

Menu (in Chinese)
As above.

Ice Milk Tea - HKD $22
Prawn Wanton Noodle - HKD $30
Sandwich with Minced Beef and Egg -HKD $29

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