Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My Ubin Cycling Trip with the Kids [In December 2018]

In November last year, i asked the kids if they would want any present for Christmas and was surprised they rejected the offer! Being the kindhearted uncle, i suggested bringing them for a cycling trip to Pulau Ubin, together with my dad.

Jovyn doesn't know how to ride a proper bicycle and i rented one with three wheels and as Jerald isn't confident riding on his own; i got a double bicycle. I thought it would be quite a straightforward trip since i have been to Pulau Ubin numerous times but i am so wrong.

Halfway towards Chek Jawa, Jovyn literally gave up cycling and asked if there's an air-conditioned place around. Air-conditioning in such a rustic area?! She scowled and no amount of nagging, scolding and threatening could force her to ride the bike! 

Not only did she resist riding her own bike; Jovyn insisted on taking the double bike so that we can push her along! Can you imagine that i paid so much money just so all the guys on the trip could push bikes for almost 4.5 kilometers. 

While the guys were doing the hard labour, Jovyn just kept on her tirade of complaining: "Are we done? It's so hot! I am so tired!". She only perked up (and stopped her complaints) with the entry of the wild monkeys.

I wasn't intending to blog about this but my friends reminded me that it's a good thing to share my experience so that Jovyn would read about it when she's older! 

We finally got to the main town in Ubin after close to 3 hours; mainly spent on pushing the bicycles! You can see from my dad's expression that he was super pissed with Jovyn as it's a waste of money to rent the bicycles without effectively using them.

As for Jovyn, she miraculously recovered after i brought her to A Spoonful of Sugar @ Changi Village; look at how charming her face was!

Guess i wouldn't be suggesting any outdoor activities in the future. Despite my efforts to get them to enjoy the outdoors (and maybe lose some weight), i think it's best to stick to places with air-conditioning. p.s. to be fair, Jerald is actually more acceptable.  


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