Saturday, June 15, 2019

Durian Kaki - A Popular Durian Store @ Junction Nine [Singapore] #duriankaki #junction9

Everyone loves a good deal but when it comes to king of fruits, it can get a bit complicated; you wouldn't want to waste your daily calories intake with lousy durians and that's the reason why people would usually check out reviews, for better or for worse.

I am lazy to travel out of the notorious town of Yishun (if not, i would have gone to Ah Di Durian in Ang Mo Kio) and have heard of favourable reviews of durian kaki for quite some time; guess it's time to check it out with my secondary school mate whom i have known for over 20 years! 

Four steps of ordering although i think it misses one step; first is to queue, second is to choose your durians, third is to pay (NETS payment allowed), fourth is to decide whether you want to takeaway or eat at the store and last is applicable only if you need packing for takeaway. 

We managed to secure a table right outside! There were only two so i guess we were lucky; on second thought, not really since the cream of the crop (mao shan wang / cat mountain king species) was sold out and we had to make do with golden phoenix (which is still preferable) and mixed species.

Five durians for just the two of us; smallest were the golden phoenix species. I was telling my friend we should order moderately for health reason but it didn't quite sit in well with him as i had durians four times in eight days! 

With durians, always start with the lower quality one and the cheaper mixed species we had were yellow-meat, big seeded and tasted sweet. No complaint since it's S$10 a kilograms and quality was alright for the price.

Golden phoenix species was priced higher at S$16 a kilogram but due to their smaller fruit size; it really didn't quite matter, especially when the seeds were smaller / flatter with pale-yellow meat and the taste hovered between the highly sought bitter-sweetness.

Overall, i enjoyed the durians from Durian Kaki and despite the relatively young age of the sellers; it's obvious they are not out to scam you like in the case from many other durians stores. Next time, maybe i would call to reserve their durians! 


18 Yishun Avenue 9, Junction 9, 
#01-83, Singapore 760935

Contact Number

Durian Prices 
As of 08 June 2019 and subject to fluctuations depending on supply, demand and seasons.

Pricing of Our Orders
Golden Phoenix - S$26 (for two durians)
Mixed Species - S$18 (for three durians)

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