Saturday, August 04, 2018

The Peranakan Themed Toilet @ Changi International Airport Terminal 4 [Singapore]

The toilet business is extremely important in my honest opinion and although i would like to share more about it in this blog; it might not be visually pleasing to some and i have to remove it or make do with a toned down version. 

Today's toilet is an eye opener for the Singapore's context as the scarcity of our land is well known and more often than not, you get toilets in horrendous conditions despite being a developed country. Of course, things are different in the terminals of Changi International Airport even though you get boring looking toilets that simply served your basic needs.  

Hence, imagine how wide my eyes were when i stepped into this particular toilet in the departure hall at the airport's newest terminal; terminal 4. It definitely wasn't your common toilets with splashes of elegance and representative of local culture. 

And it's big for Singapore's standard with a large passage separating both sides of the cubicles. 

Furthermore, don't you just adore the theme that was so in sync with the heritage zone right outside? Rattan-like wall tiles, floor tiles with peranakan design etc. This reminded me of the themed toilets in Bangkok's Terminal 21 mall; albeit more representative of our small country. 

The Peranakan theme is not all over your face kind which is good or you risk having visitors staying in the toilets for a longer period of time for selfies / wefies! 

Obviously, for someone who loves his toilets, it's time to check out the cubicles! While it didn't have those fanciful controls typical of Japanese toilets, i am happy to see a toilet seat sanitizer and a non-electronic bidet! 

Southeast Asians usually don't use this kind of bidets and it's helpful to have this simple instructional guide! I still recall the first time i used the device out of curiousity; i came out of the toilet, wet.

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