Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fei Zai Hokkien Mee (肥仔福建面) @ S11 Yishun 744 Kopitiam [Opposite Yishun MRT Station]

The distance between Yishun MRT station and my house was only about a five-minute walk but for the past few weeks, I had noticed a banner that's placed right outside the S11 coffee shop and I can't miss the Chinese characters "古早味", which means the traditional taste, on it. 

At my age, the traditional taste would sometimes evoke nice memories of my childhood and I gamely asked my parents to join me this evening to check out the supposedly 'traditional-tasting' Hokkien Mee! 

There's always a queue at the stall and tonight's no exception although I only waited about six minutes to get my two plates of noodles as the chef was already preparing a big wok for distribution when I joined the line. 

Compared to the mouthwatering picture on the banner, I was taken aback by how different the plate of Hokkien mee was in reality; it didn't have that visual draw and I thought it looked kind of dismal at $4 a plate with just two prawns and hardly any squid.

A generous sprinkling of crispy pork lard might help to increase its appeal and entice me to salivate a bit. The good thing is that there were quite a few pieces of pork belly but you kind of couldn't see them as they were relatively well hidden in the midst of thick bee hoon.

Taste wise - the stall made good on its claim for the traditional taste and each strand of noodle was coated with a thick gravy that was both rich and intense in flavor! I slurped up every delicious strand like a child totally immersed in enjoying the plate of Hokkien mee! Do eat the noodle as soon as you could as the gravy tends to dry up pretty fast! 


Block 744 Yishun Street 72,
S11 Coffee Shop, Singapore 760744
(Opposite Yishun MRT Station)


As above.

Hokkien Mee - Minimal S$4 a plate

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  1. For the hokkien, I request more 猪油炸, they make it more wholesome.


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