Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bei Sheng Seafood (北胜泰国小食) - The Air-Conditioned Sibling of Taste of Thailand @ Chong Pang [Yishun, Singapore]

Taste of Thailand has a strong fan base but one of the grouches diners often have is the lack of air-conditioning. There is an alternative also located in Yishun albeit much more convenient to my house as i can walk there in like six minutes!

The air-conditioned alternative - Bei Sheng Seafood; although named differently, both eateries actually fall under the same family. I am aware because my mom knows the owners! 

Dining in a cool environment is Singaporeans' preferred option but this means a longer waiting time just to secure a table! If you are rushing for time and didn't want to travel to Taste of Thailand at the industrial park, you may opt for outdoor seating. 

Your order shall be taken at the point of registering your interest to wait for a table and this often translates into a speedier delivery of your food unless the kitchen is shorthanded! Our wait for a table was about 15 minutes and food was sent in about 8.

Pineapple Fried Rice 
A favourite among diners, even for my family as we will order a serving every time we visit even though we do miss the good old days when the rice were served in real, dec-ored pineapple! 

Sadly, this was a disappointment and you could hardly see any pineapple cubes. It was rather dry and the taste was more pork floss than pineapple. Standard for this dish had dropped over the years, even at Taste of Thailand but this one at Bei Sheng was a major letdown

Bei Sheng Oats Prawns
The amount of fragrant fried oats was overwhelming and i believe we should not be blamed for assuming we had made a wrong order; fried oats, and not oat prawns! 

Dig further to find the fresh, decent-sized prawns covered in a fried oats! Now, i mentioned about the not so good pineapple rice earlier right? Sprinkle a generous serving of these fried oats on the rice and mix them up for that extra oomph! 

Deep Fried Cuttlefish
While many diners would go for the signature Thai deep fried fish delight, my MUST order would be the deep fried cuttlefish! 

The thin batter resulted in more enjoyment for the fresh cuttlefish and the one sauce that goes perfectly with the cooked-just-right cuttlefish is the green chilli paste sauce. Don't be shy in asking for a bigger saucer! 


Block 701A, Yishun Avenue 5,
#01-01, Singapore 761701.
(the old Big Bookshop building)


As above.

Operating Hours
11.30am to 2.00pm
5.30pm to 10.00pm

As above

Pineapple Fried Rice - S$5.00
Bei Sheng Oats Prawns - S$12.00
Deep Fried Cuttlefish - S$8.00
(No GST, No Service Charge]


  1. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Hi Cavin, I just wanted to thank you for your blog and the effort you put into your posts! I especially enjoy your posts about Yishun restaurants and hidden finds that other bloggers don't blog about. It's an invaluable resource for a fellow Yishun-ite :)

    1. Hi, fellow yishunite!

      You are most welcome. I am just an extremely lazy blogger who prefers to fill up his tummy faster and since i have a camera with me, i might as well just blog about it. Sometimes, i got lucky with better than expected food. Haha.

      Which part of Yishun do you live in?


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