Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Pig's Birthday 2016!

It has been a while since the last birthday posting and just to make things clear, Jovyn's birthday is still about three weeks away; although her unfettered excitement can be totally felt from the above photograph.

Not her brother's too. Actually, my birthday in April should be the first in the family but i am not really into celebrating my birthday with a cake; at least not when i am trying so "hard" to control my diet! 

Mystery solved even though i had to replace her face with a smiley emoticon as we had given her a surprise and that means she had already removed all important traces of makeup! As it's her birthday, i have to give her some "face". Pun unintended. 

Let the singing begin and as you can see, Jerald had elevated to show status with an expression that could probably give him some points in an actual singing competition! 

As expected, the four types of birthday songs! Jerald took a back seat this time as he had been to countless birthday parties and was in no hurry to take the lead to finish the celebratory songs as soon as possible for that eventual reward.

Reward: the first to blow out the candles! Birthday girl, by the way, is my younger sister, Louise! Happy birthday and thanks so much for taking a greater responsibility to take care of mum and dad after i moved out. 

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