Sunday, May 01, 2016

Long Jiang Chinos (龍江) @ ORTO Park [Near Khatib MRT Station]

We were deliberating between the familiar traditional thai steamboat and Chinese cuisine; it's a hard decision to make as we had such good time at Mookata the last round. Knowing i had never blogged about Long Jiang Chinos, Joyce suggested we should check it out instead.

Set in an environment with a large fishing pond by the side and automated awning protecting diners from the setting sun (and likely the occasional light showers), it was breezy and the atmosphere was relaxing; no wonder the restaurant had a separate bar section for those who prefer to chill under the sky. 

Those with kids, like my family, the normal spacious seating shall be preferred. Given that the kids are pickier when it comes to food, we usually ask my sister or brother in law to order and this was no exception.

I would usually remove these but their appearance wasn't the conventional pickles / peanuts we are more accustomed too. Turned out they were pickled pumpkins and i knew i had to give it a try; tasted just like normal pickles. :( 

Baby Squid (S)
Well, if my sister was ordering, this would be one appetiser she had to have whenever she sees it on the menu. Not a baby squid connoisseur, this was just plain boring crispy in my personal opinion; would have enjoyed the papa or mama squid better. 

Pan Seared Black Pork (M)
As expected from Iberian pork, this was juicy and the cut was satisfying thick. The only issue was the use of unexciting sweet and sour sauce which totally overwhelmed the taste of pork. 

Homemade Dancing Tofu 
One word: okay. It was your usual plain, silky soft tofu that every restaurant is touting as homemade nowadays although the delightful factor in Long Jiang was the encasement of minced meat within the tofu. 

Wok Fried Fine Bean (M)
Normal and i felt that the use of Cantonese style sausage was a wrong move. Since i have always preferred such sausages to be used solely in fried rice, i could only blame my personal quirk for not liking this. Put crispy pork lard - that has a higher chance of attracting my interest. 

Unique mantou that was more like breadstick! Taste wise was sweeter than what we normally have even though it was superb addictive! One would be insufficient for any sane being! 

Crab in LJ Homemade Chilli Sauce
The LJ is not the LJ local men should be aware of; LJ is the acronym for Long Jiang and i couldn't wait to taste the LJ homemade chilli sauce! 

Super spicy, it was with a strong garlic aroma; i can still remember my lips tingling even after the meal had concluded. In one word, shiok! Crab meat tasted fresh and sweet.

Remember - this is for you to wash your chilli-covered fingers. I would rather go to the nearby sink as this was shared among eight of us and i had a tendency to lick up the sauce on my fingers! 


81 Lorong Chencharu (Yishun),
Singapore 769198

As above


Pickle - S$6.00
Baby Squid (S) - S$14.00
Pan Seared Black Pork (M) - S$30.00
Homemade Dancing Tofu - S$28.00
Wok Fried Fine Bean (M) - S$21.00
Mantou - S$10.00
Crab in LJ Homemade Chilli Sauce - S$60.00 per kilo
Warm / Iced Water - Chargeable
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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