Thursday, May 12, 2016

Leftover Singapore Currency - A Vending Machine That Should Be in All Airports! @ Changi Internation Airport [Singapore]

I believe i am not the only one who faces the following problem; leftover local currency that basically has no use when you return back to your home country and too little to convert them back to your home currency. 

Hence, you can imagine the joy in my heart when i chanced upon the above machine! It's your typical vending machine with a noticeable tagline that begets the question in your brain "do i have any Singapore currency left?". Most travellers would have some leftovers for emergency use and this machine is conveniently / purposely placed right outside the departure gates for the airplanes. 

What interest me more were the items that you can purchase; from overseas SIM cards to waterproof phone case and ring grip phone holder etc! You can buy them for yourselves or even as gifts for loved ones. 

If you were blessed with too much cash, go for the "surprise me" option for a mystery gift! Do note that no change would be given and you can only put in notes of S$2, S$5 and S$10 denominations and S$1 coin. Should you have S$50 or more, do contribute to Singapore's economy by spending them at the many duty free shops within the airport. Changi Airport is voted best airport for good reasons. 

I had to give it a try. The S$2 note was crisp and wrinkle free yet the machine spat it numerous times; hence, depriving the pleasure of getting a ring grip phone holder for myself!!! :( Nevertheless, i am not going to give up and shall try it out the next time i am taking a plane!


  1. Just curious. Which terminal is this?

    1. I was at terminal 1. :)


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