Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keng Eng Kee Seafood (KEK) 瓊榮記海鮮 in 2016 @ Alexandra Village [Singapore]

It definitely wasn't my first visit to Keng Eng Kee (known affectionately and simply as KEK to its regulars) and you may check out my first review here.

Generally, I wasn't too impressed with what we had but decided to go along with my brother in law, who suggested KEK as our family makan place in early May, for one reason; i failed to try their signature Mingzhu roll back in 2015!

Claypot Pork Belly
Tagged as highly recommended on the first page of the menu, i knew i had to order it despite the reservations from the rest of my family members. With small pieces of salted fish which i personally dislike, it was just way too salty for me! Without plain rice, the taste was overwhelmingly savoury. 

Marmite Chicken
Sweet and totally enticing, this was one chicken dish that looked like our conventional sweet and sour pork yet tasted a notch better! p.s. might be a little too sweet for some.

Hot Plate Beancurd
Normal but necessary as the little girl brat (Jovyn that is) has to have her beancurd. You don't see her quite chubby; she can survive on rice, tofu (any variant) and soup. 

Sambal Kangkong
I hate to have sambal kangkong that lacks the spiciness and thankfully, this plate wasn't the case and managed to have my head dispensing peals of sweat in no time. One improvement would enhance the experience; crispy pork lard! 

Salted Egg Crab (Dried)
Mum had been lamenting that she have not had crabs for quite a while and she's a big seafood lover! We did confirm on salted egg crab although it still took us a while to deliberate between the wet / dry version. I am inclined with dried as the salted egg flavour is usually more intensive and heng that i opted for that!

This was one of the better salted egg crab in recent times with a well balanced sweetness-saltiness and i totally loved it when my tongue tasted the graininess of the salted yolk! I thought the sauce could have been thicker so that i can pour it over the plain white rice for a more satisfying experience.

Mixed Platter
Decided to go with the mixed platter as my family members hadn't tried the prawn rolls before even though i had mentioned before in my review that mom's version was better. As expected, they weren't keen on the prawn rolls. As for the youtiao, they were nothing to scream about.

Now on the Mingzhu Rolls, i didn't like it. The flavour was strangely traditional tasting (my poor grasp of vocabulary deters me from describing it better) and i felt like it was something that our grandparents would like. Despite having prawns and hams as ingredients, the taste was quite similar to a snack i have had before in a vegetarian restaurant.


Block 124, Bukit Merah Lane 1, 
#01-136 [Near Alexandra Village Hawker Centre] 
Singapore 150124

As above

Opening Hours (Daily) 
12noon - 2.30pm 
5pm -10pm


Click here.

Claypot Pork Belly - S$15
Marmite Chicken (M) - S$18
Hot Plate Beancurd (M) - S$15
Sambal Kangkong (M) - S$12
Salted Egg Crab (Dried) - S$68 a kilogram
Mixed Platter (S) - S$26
(NO GST and NO Service Charge)

Additional Information
For my first review (which included other dishes) of KEK, please click here.

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