Saturday, May 21, 2016

Jiraporn Solar Dried Natural Banana (100%) - Halal Certified from Bangkok [Thailand]

It's quite rare to see me buying snacks straight off the rack without any sampling and but being a banana lover, i found the box of 100% natural solar dried banana too irresistible! No more would i have to face overripe bananas with dark splotches! 

Twelve convenient packs were contained within the box that was priced at 69 Thai baht. Using the computer calculator, one pack cost less than thirty Singapore cents! 

Despite the nicer photograph above, i had in reality open up the box immediately after making payment at the supermarket in Terminal 21. To be frank, the shrunken banana could do better visually although i was more looking forward to the taste.

I chomped down in the middle and the first thought then was "it's a bit sour with speckles of sweetness that didn't agree with my taste buds". Looking at the expiry date printed on the box (15/07/2016) and the ingredients (stated only 100% banana), i drew the conclusion this should be the actual flavour of solar dried banana. 

Guess i am better off with overripe bananas.

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