Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guangzhou Circle (广州圆大厦) - The Fengshui Golden Coin @ Guangzhou [China]

As the coach drove into the provincial capital of Guangzhou, our eyes had to get used to the many tall buildings that clustered together; a rarity in Yangshuo and even Guilin.

Amidst the many towering urban structures, one totally stood out and even our guide had to take the trouble to explain a bit about this circular building known as the world's tallest at 138 meters. 

I personally find the Guangzhou Circle to be extraordinary and absolutely no mean feat in the architectural realm. The imaginative me would wonder if a slight bump on the side would result in the building rolling down the road, similar to a wheel.

For the ignorant (like me again), i would assume this was based on the design of a Chinese coin with Fengshui inclination and gold is like the most precious currency even in ancient China. The truth is far from what i thought as the designer is Italian! 

There were elements of Chinese-ism of course. Like its reflection on the Pearl River right in front of it (that's not captured in the picture); which make up the number 8 that Chinese absolutely adores! I didn't have the fortune to explore its interior but you can find some pictures on the web; hint, it's still gold. 


Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province,

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