Thursday, May 19, 2016

Feeding the Young For A Fee @ Bangkok [Thailand]

To bank on the popularity of train markets in Bangkok, it's not uncommon to see stalls being set up on the pavements leading to the markets' entrance and i would not have given the above stall a second look if not for the movement within it.

In case you couldn't figure what they are, let me share a zoomed-in picture. Bringing the zoo nearer to you for a chance to feed lambs and kids (young of goats). Being a hypocritical human, i thought this would make perfect sense in a zoo but here in an urban setting, surrounded by tall buildings and stalls selling commercial products; i thought it is unacceptable.

Feeding requires the purchase of a milk bottle at 20 baht and i wonder if the same can be done for the many abandoned and hungry babies. Furthermore, the milk is likely to be diluted so that the animals can drink more for better profit, I guess.  That's my conjecture and i might be wrong. The stall operator could have felt really pitiful towards the lambs and kids and just wanted to fill their tummies.


Near Exit 3 of Thailand Cultural Center MRT Station,
Bangkok, Thailand

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