Sunday, May 15, 2016

An Unforgettable Toilet Break @ Hezhou [China]

Ladies would look out for only one thing when it comes to toilet breaks on a tour package - the cleanliness of the washrooms. For the gentlemen, it's a different thing altogether, unless we need to purge out more than just liquid. 

It's the surrounding and i was blessed to be the receiving end on my trip to Guilin last year; p.s. location was nearer to Hezhou than Guilin though.

That image of rolling mountains, never-ending greenery immediately soothed the soul and it's a pity i couldn't show you the breeze that made the carpet-looking crops dance gracefully, as if paying homage to the peaks ahead. 

Or maybe the respect was for the half-buried dinosaur (that looked just like the exposed head with a half-open mouth. The tour guide, noting the group's mesmerism, didn't hurry us even though we seemed to be running short of time for the next item on our itinerary.  

Well, should i ever retire (if i can live that long), this appears to be the right place! Damn, there're so many places i want to retire to! Like Dali, Maldives, Cameron Highlands etc! 

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