Saturday, April 02, 2016

Sin Kee Seafood Soup (鲜记海鲜汤) @ Block 19 Marsiling Lane, Teo Chap Bee Eating House [Singapore]

Sorry for the lack of update as i was facing computer issues; beeping sound coupled with the blue screen of death that irritated the hell out of me! 

Hence, it does make perfect sense for me to write about food when i am most upset! This visit to Sin Kee Seafood Soup arose because i am a huge fan of Yan Ji Seafood Soup at the Old Woodlands Town Centre and this one at Sin Kee was rumoured to be better.

I had to try it before the demise of my beloved Toyota Vios and the bowl of basic seafood soup (with dory fish) served to me bear a striking resemblance to Yan Ji. Those who are unaware would be forgiven for assuming they are simply different branches of the same company.

Looks can only do so much; a true blue food connoisseur would insist that taste would be most important. If you want good looking food, there's always plastic food (those realistic looking ones outside Japanese restaurants etc). 

Dory fish was chunky and fresh whereas i don't have any serious complaint about the prawn except that the meat broke apart quite easily. Soup is a major determinant of the overall review and i must say that aide from being more generous with its serving, the broth was less rich and a disappointing watered down version compared to Yan Ji.

It's the same situation with the minced meat patties - bigger than its competitor yet didn't generate sufficient interest for me; meat was harder, less fattening and without the fragrant infusion of mushrooms. 

Disappointment would be my one-word review for Sin Kee but i am never one to waste food. Those who are interested to check out both stalls should consider going for Sin Kee first before proceeding to Yan Ji.


Block 19 Marsiling Lane, 
Teo Chap Bee Eating House,
Singapore 730019

As above

As above.

Seafood Soup (Small) with Dory Fish - S$5

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