Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On The Table (OTT) - Good Company Over Dinner @ 118 Pasir Panjang Road [Near Pasir Panjang MRT Station]

With dining establishments sprouting like mushrooms in forever-food-hungry Singapore, i do make a mental note every now and then whenever i chance upon a place worth patronising even though chances are high that i simply didn't have the time and / or the financial bandwidth to do so.

On The Table was one of them and i remember it vividly from my visit to Fat Boy's for its set lunch as it was situated just one or two doors away! 

Anyway, a friend suggested the cafe restaurant as the location for our once every few months meetup and i was of course agreeable as it would be an opportunity to blog about it; guess some of you are also sick and tired of my China postings. p.s. i still have two full days worth of photographs to go. 

Encompassing two shop-house units, there were well, the tables, for you to dine at; as usual, don't expect me to wax lyrical about the ambience although the feeling i gathered was sufficiently comfy for a meetup with friends! 

I absolutely adored the industrial fan converted into lights! Wouldn't want it in my house though as it would attract tons of dust and it would be a tedious chore to clean it up! 

Fries with Truffle Mayo
Not that i am arrogant but i think it would not be hard to create an exact same replica. Truffle mayo wasn't impressionable and the only memorable thing about the fries was their crispiness which were expected when served straight from the frying oil. 

Crispy Honey Wings
With fierce competition coming from South Korea fried chicken, i wondered if honey wings can surprise me; and yes they did. It was like having bulkier wings from 4Fingers; albeit with a new honey flavour that was fragrant yet wasn't overly sweet on my taste buds. 

Truffle Bacon Mac and Cheese
I have never quite enjoyed mac and cheese and couldn't fathom why some people can be quite obsessed with it (psst like tiramisu). Nevertheless, i liked the bacon bits and there's a strange phenomenon too; the truffle taste was only noticeable when the dish cooled down. 

Pulled Pork Burger
A burger without a patty isn't really a burger in my opinion.

However, this made the cut as the overall combination was just the right; savouriness of the delicious shredded pork, sweetness of the purple cabbage slaw and the softness of the bun! The only complaint; it was a bit dry. 

Confit of Duck Leg
Looking perfect in its pose, i have had numerous confit of duck leg before and thought this was a winner as far as display was concerned. 

Points deducted for the pool of yellow-orangey sauce surrounding the poultry; it was a fruity sauce of orange (as in the fruit) origin. Weird shall be my one-word description for the sauce.

Salmon & Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine
Creamy, rich in flavour (loving the truffle in this case) and with many pieces of salmon, this was one delightful dish i would order just for myself if i return to On The Table! 

Don't just keep yakking away; eat it while it's hot as the cream would slowly solidify and you might find the taste a bit repulsive once the dish goes cold. 


118 Pasir Panjang Road, 
Singapore 118541

As above

Operating Hours
Mondays - Closed
Tuesdays to Thursdays - 11am to 10pm
Fridays - 11am to 10.30pm
Saturdays - 10am to 10.30pm
Sundays - 10am to 10pm


As above

Fries with Truffle Mayo - S$8
Crispy Honey Wings - S$10
Truffle Bacon Mac and Cheese - S$11
Pulled Pork Burger - S$15
Confit of Duck Leg - S$18
Salmon & Mushroom Truffle Cream Linguine - S$16
(No GST and No Service Charge)

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