Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Weekend Brunch Menu! @ Wawawa Bistro (Singapore's Bedok Reservoir Park)

That delicious image of Bangers & Mash my friend had at Wawawa Bistro was deeply etched in my memory and when Vanessa suggested meeting up for brunch, it didn't take us long to agree on Wawawa Bistro

There's a new menu with bangers & mash missing from it. Oh well, i am never into mashed potatoes anyway and guess it's fate i had to try something new from their updated offerings (sharing the menu at the end of the post)! 

Eggs Royale for Vanessa - a combination (don't particularly like poached eggs and smoked salmon) that you wouldn't find me ordering; Ms SaNeVa enjoyed it though.

Hawaiian Wagyu Beef Burger
Mine - a bit too heavy and luxurious for brunch but hey, it has the chef' hat which means it should be one of the signature dishes within the bistro right?!

The perfect sunny side up. Hash brown was absolutely my cup of tea; crunchy without being too oily! It's funny when the main star paled in comparison the aforementioned and to the super crispy French fried that tasted just like chunkier potato chips! 

Now on the burger - not that it tasted dismal; just that in comparison, it was less memorable. I did remember the patty was made up of minced beef that were both juicy and tender. Sauce used tasted suspiciously like the whopper sauce from Burger King.

French Toast
I couldn't resist giving this a try despite the lack of a chef recommendation logo. I was a tad disappointed with its presentation; specifically the toast that looked more like a normal sandwich. My bad though since it was already stated that it's ham-stuffed.

A very simple sweetened bread with a thin layer of egg batter - honestly, my mom would have done a better job.  


901, Bedok Reservoir Road

As above. 


Weekend Brunch Menu
As above.

Hawaiian Wagyu Beef Burger - S$18.80
French Toast - S$11.80
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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