Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chicken Up Set Menu for 2 Persons @ Tampines Century Square [Singapore]

It's embarrassing that it took me so long to step in to Chicken Up when i am aware of its existence right from the its inception! Okay, i did order something from Chicken Up Express but i guess there are differences between express and restaurant concept. 

Not knowing what to have can be a headache especially when there were so many items on the menu! Here comes the set menu to the rescue! At S$39++, my mum and i can indulge in two pieces of crispy chicken, two pieces of Yangnyum chicken, two pieces of soya wings, a serving of kimchi fries, kimali (spring rolls), carrot and cucumber sticks.

You don't have to order any drink as complimentary water was provided! By all means order one if you prefer to have something sweet to complement the meal. 

A wait of about 15-20 minutes is required and this was served steaming hot to our table! With mum being a small eater, i guess it's up to my tummy to do most of the work! 

First up would be the kimchi fries - personally, i don't like it and prefer normal french fries (crinkle, if possible) with a chilli dip by the side. Having a separate kimchi dip might change my opinion as the kimchi concoction poured on top had made the fries soggy; a no-no texture for any fries.

Kimali - a spring roll item with glass noodles as the filling. Well, it can't be compared to our conventional spring roll with turnip filling which was way better. -thrown to one side-

Soya Wings - the best of the lot that was flavourful and juicy! Those who enjoyed the soy garlic from 4fingers would taste the similarity yet enjoy the proportionately bigger pieces of meat. No picture on the normal crispy chicken as the photos i took that day didn't turn out well although i can say there's nothing exceptional to the crispy chicken; you would enjoy definitely Arnolds Chicken better

Lastly, the yangmyun chicken; essentially fried chicken with sweet chilli sauce. 

More sweet than spicy, this was strangely less palatable than the ones i had at Chicken Up Express (Singapore Polytechnic branch before it closed down). Furthermore, there's that frozen tinge to the meat. Needless to say, i ignored the meat shortly after and concentrated only on the chicken skin. 


2 Tampines Central 5,
#01-44 to 47, Century Square 
(close to Tampines MRT Station)


Set Menu for 2 - S$39
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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