Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Small Fishing Port @ Yangshuo Town [Guangxi, China]

While our way to Green Lotus Park (碧莲幽境), we slowed down our pace and marvelled at the impressive scenery right beside us. For those who are into scenic travels, there would be tons of such photographs in the coming months once i tidy up the albums. 

Coming back, there was a small fishing port by the Li river (漓江) and being the urbanites that most of us were, we could not resist dropping by for a short visit!

There wasn't much; all the fishes were freshly delivered that day and maybe because it was already over 10 in the morning, you don't see the crowd as expected from a wholesale setting. 

Since Li River is a freshwater river, the variety wasn't wide and as some of you might know, freshwater fish has generally more bones than their saltwater cousin and taste wise, pales in comparison. 

Well, purpose of the visit to experience the local life although it wasn't much since we spent only a few minutes before we had to depart for our next destination!   

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