Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ready To Eat Corn Cob in a Vacuum Pack from University Town Fairprice Xpress [Singapore]

It was an abnormal day for me; the usual me would have looked at the above longingly with purely no intention to buy as the adventurous freak in me usually doesn't give a damn when it comes to food.

My main deterrents were the hygiene level and quality of the product and i have had experience with bad tasting ready-to-eat vacuumed food. This corn cob was different; the Japanese wordings did add some credibility and since i still lacked a nutritious vegetable to complement my instant noodles meal, i mustered my courage and made a last minute payment for an ear! 

The corn was honestly blessed with a vibrant splash of yellow and the alarm bells ringing in my head seemed to point towards excessive colouring. I was keeping my fingers crossed yet all prepared to dump it down the rubbish chute.

You can eat it fresh; not as in fresh from the earth but rather, tear away the packaging and you can immediately sink your teeth in! For those who prefer it hot; you can poke a few holes and microwave it OR let it sit for five minutes in hot water. I opted for convenience. 

It was so tasty, extremely sweet and without a hint of that disgusting chemical preservative taste found in other ready to eat products! The comparison i can probably draw to was the unforgettable raw corns from Cameron Highlands! 

I would not hesitate to make another purchase except for two small issues; the price was about S$2.30 or S$2.60 (an amount my mom would send her strong objection) and that the country of origin was China (an issue for some although not for me since China does have good produce / products)! 

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