Monday, November 02, 2015

Reaching the Millennial Level - Level 1000 of Candy Crush!

Since I am still recovering from my recent journey to China, i thought it might be worth my while to touch on the recent level attained for Candy Crush.

It's extremely special for the simple reason that i finally cross the 1,000 mark and it would likely be a long wait for the next breach! Provided i am still alive, that is. 

Start of the game - With the candies making up the letter M which i shall assume it stands for Millennium or Millennial. Yes, King is being kind to us by having the candies in one singular colour.

It's an immediate colour balls time! 

Don't be too happy! Not yet! The game master isn't foolish to go easy on us and you may wish to refer to the counter on the top right; to 'celebrate' your achievement, please also clear a thousand candies of green, blue and orange colours and that's a 1,000 for EACH colour!

It wasn't too hard so long you make full use of the colour balls! I played the same level twice and have yet to fail the level; do keep in mind, however, that you only have 30 moves! 

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