Friday, November 27, 2015

Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe - Choco Banana Bingsu & Chocolate Bread @ Westgate [Connected to Jurong East MRT Station]

I am a super boring person when it comes to food and even when faced with hundreds of food stalls, i am not likely to walk out of my comfort zone and order something i have yet to try!

That's when crazy friends come into picture; their spontaneity tends to break the comfort barrier! For example, Korean bingsu isn't something i would purposely seek for but when a friend suggested Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe, i was more motivated to just follow their instinct.

In forever-summer Singapore, the appearance of a snowman mascot can be so comforting, especially with the cooler weather recently and the upcoming Christmas season!

Chocolate Banana Bingsu
To clarify things a bit, i didn't request for this. Since i am a first-time customer, it would be best to devolve the responsibility to someone who is a regular!

I am not a chocolate fan although befitting my Chinese zodiac sign (a monkey); i love all kinds of bananas and absolutely couldn't resist buying banana fritters! Just to add, the "regular" recommendation was shot down since two in our group don't take one of the ingredients.

Pour the sweetened milk from the dainty looking cup and you are off to indulge! Speaking of which, i think our local desserts like ice kacang can also be very high class in other countries. Just put a few small cups of sugary, coloured syrup for people to have fun pouring in and i guess i can indicate a high price of an equivalence of about S$7 a bowl. 

Coming back to the bingsu, i was again not blown away and definitely preferred ice kacang / ice jelly / ice cheng tng etc over it. However, i must add that the texture of the shaved ice was really snow-like; so soft, so fine that i think i can sleep on it if the quantity can fill my bed! 

Chocolate Bread
Frankly, this was your simple thick toast topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Now, i don't know if this would be misleading as i was expecting a darker looking bread. 

Looks are deceiving; the chocolate sauce wasn't the star and it was more the buttery, honeyed taste of the bread that lighted up my eyes! Sharing would be fine but to eat it alone by myself would be a bit too heavy for the palate. 


3, Gateway Drive, #04-37, Westgate
(beside Jurong East MRT Station)

As above

Chocolate Banana Bingsu - S$13.90
Chocolate Bread - S$6.90
(Inclusive of GST) 

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