Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yoogane Dak Galbi Marinated Chicken Bulgogi - One Word: Delicious! @ Myeongdong [Seoul]

In my entire Korea trip, i was generally quite disappointed with the food as only a few managed to blow my taste buds away; one was the kimbap from Gwangjang Market and another was the grilled mackerel and abalone seafood bowl in Jeju!

There's another one to add to the list; Yoogane Dak Galbi which already has two branches in Singapore (Bugis Junction and Westgate)! We didn't try their signature one with cheese as it was already 10.30pm when we stepped into its branch very near to Myeongdong subway station. 

Go ahead and grab as much side dishes as you want! Joyce, being on a no-carbohydrate diet, took a lot of cabbage! Note: as usual, take the quantity you CAN eat; don't waste food! 

Marinated Chicken Bulgogi - freshly served (as in raw) on a hot pan, i have had my fair share of chicken bulgogi in Singapore and wasn't expecting much from this. Honestly, how much different can it?! 

A staff member would help with the cooking right in front of you; so don't panic like the customers next to us who attempted and almost ruined the dish. Maybe i was too hungry as i could not stop swallowing the saliva when i caught the aroma from the sizzling marinated meat and vegetables on our pan!

Darn was the meat fantastic! The texture was much more tender than Singapore's version and although the marination used was of a sweeter taste, you would notice how intense it was with each bite bursting with flavour! 

These glass noodles were extremely appetising with each strand soaked in the marination's essence! My rule for meals was to have minimal carbohydrates after 8pm but i would have gladly asked for another serving of these noodles even though it was almost 11pm! 


Location Map
There are two branches in Myeongdong and i went to the one nearest the MRT station (exit 8) and next to the building housing MCM. You may refer to the map as above where i have bordered the branch in orange colour. 

Operating Hours
An early 9am to a late 1am

Marinated Chicken Bulgogi -₩10,000 a portion
(minimal of 2 portions are required)

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