Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom's 60th Birthday 2014!

For those who still couldn't believe it, my mom has indeed reached the diamond landmark of 60 years old (oops, am i even allow to divulge her age?). 

In line with my family's low profile spirit (ya, right), we decided to keep the celebration simple and choose to have the birthday cake right at home after a fulfilling lobster porridge meal in Orchid Live Seafood.

Long time readers / followers should have realised by now that it was once again a delicious strawberry cake from Pâtisserie Glacé! The Japanese owner should consider opening a bakery cafe so that i can chill out while digging into a slice of their soft yet creamy cake! 

Let the singing began! Is there a Tamil language birthday song? The two kids would have perfected all four local languages for birthday songs if there's one! 

Jovyn had positioned herself correctly this time; this time round, she shall be the winner for the candle blowing session. Wait, shouldn't it be the birthday girl who has the greatest honour to do that!? 

Even the birthday cake had to be cut by three parties!!! hahaha. Oh well, as i mentioned before, it's because of the two hyperactive monsters that my family makes it a point to prepare a cake for every family member on their birthday. Before them, i don't even see the need to celebrate my birth!

No matter what, happy birthday my dearest mom! You are not likely to hear me say i love you but deep in my heart, you know i always do. 

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