Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ice Cream Frenzy @ Rochester [Near Star Vista]

The original branch of Ice Cream Frenzy at West Coast Drive has one serious problem despite its popularity; the pretty inaccessible location! Hence, it was a nice surprise to find a second branch so conveniently located near Buona Vista MRT Station.

Let me introduce to you Ice Cream Frenzy @ Rochester Mall! 

Shop's concept was rather normal, playing on vibrant, practical colours that were not as appealing as the homely setting of its original branch. Of course, decor would always be secondary so long the ice cream / waffle is good. 

Waffles with Double Scoop Ice Cream
A single scoop of premium ice cream (durian for example) would set you back by S$5.50 and i would strongly recommend you go for the waffle with double scoop ice cream at S$13.90 if you are going to get two scoops of premium ice cream!

Departing from my usual style of reviewing the waffles first, i would like to start with the Swiss Chocolate and Passion Fruit ice cream; the former was rich enough for me to imagine a sore throat the next day if i decide to indulge any further! Don't be too worried; balance out the heaty richness with the sour yet sweet passion fruit ice cream which was still peppered with the crunchy seeds! 

Now on the waffles; too soft, too gooey and lacked a flavour that would make me return again. I was puzzled as the one at its West Coast Drive branch was definitely way better! I actually feel guilty for posting this negative review for the waffle as the female staff was so sweet and friendly! Even though it was a one-person operation, she served everyone with a wide smile and even took the initiative to pass us cups of plain water! 

That's one bloody good service staff i would love to have if i ever have my own cafe! 


31, Rochester Drive, #01-01,
Rochester Mall [Near Buona Vista MRT Station]

Waffles with double scoop ice cream - S$13.90

As above

Additional Information
Free WiFi is available! 

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