Saturday, September 06, 2014

Foot Massager Vending Machine - The Cheap, Electronic Way @ Platinum Mall [Thailand]

The above cluster at the basement attracted my attention after an hour of walking around Thailand's premier (just because it was air-conditioned) clothing wholesale market; Platinum Mall! 

Known also as Health Chair, its function is unlike the electronic body massager we can find in some shopping centres in Singapore. The machine focuses only on one aspect of your body. Your feet. 

With just a rubber plate for you to place your feet, i am wondering on its effectiveness until Alex gave it a thumbs-up! At only 10 baht (less than S$0.50) for a 10-minute session, i guess it would be well worth the money!

Essentially, the machine touches on two aspects; the vibration and your feet acupoints! Upon inserting your money, the pointy plate would start to vibrate gently before increasing its intensity.

For a more 'shiok' experience, stand up and hold the steel metal bar using your hands! Your weight will contribute to the 'pressure' on your feet and make them more 'comfortable' after the ten minutes are up.

The screen might occasionally tell you what to do, in somewhat broken English. Sometimes, it would be a video of the great nature although its relevance is questioned; a video still of birds flying would not help to reduce the discomfort!

Nearing the end of the session, the vibration would stop and an outlet would start to blow hot air! I have no understanding what the magic for this step was but it sure did relieve the stress on our feet while we continued with the never-ending shopping! 


Basement, Platinum Mall,
Bangkok, Thailand

10 Baht per Session


  1. Please tell me whre i can get this vending machine,

    1. I have seriously no idea as I blogged about the massager as a user.

      You may wish to contact Platinum Mall instead.


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