Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken & Kuay Teow [老黄芽菜鸡沙河粉] - Seriously Overrated @ Ipoh [Malaysia]

Whenever i chanced upon an Ipoh travelogue programme on television, the narrator / guide would usually recommend this dish known as beansprouts chicken (芽菜雞 / nga choy kai)! And the most famous of them all is Lou Wong (老黄) which was the first to offer it. 

Before i start with my review, let me ask you a question; when you first heard of beansprout chicken, what was the image that came to your mind? Mine was a chicken stuffed with an enormous amount of beansprouts! 

The truth wasn't as complicated as i expected - it was, simply put, a plate of very plump beansprouts that wasn't as spectacularly tasting as claimed by many patrons. Whatever the case, i heard that these special Ipoh-cultivated bean sprouts were supposed to be very nutritional.

Steamed Chicken
Coming from a person who loves chicken rice, i have to say the steamed chicken in Lou Wong lacked the smooth, juicy tenderness i personally enjoyed although the use of kampong chicken had resulted in a more muscular texture that was pleasurable as i slowly chewed down the meat! 

Kuay Teow
This was quite a surprise! The flat noodles were extremely smooth and slurpy; sending the broth splashing all over my mouth as i unknowingly took a big scoopful. The soup wasn't elaborately seasoned yet exuded a plain deliciousness that appealed to my parents and i. By the way, the beansprouts tasted much better in the soup! 


49, Jalan You Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak

Food Map
As above (red border) 

Bean Sprouts - RM 4 for 2 Persons
Steamed Chicken - RM 23 for 3 Persons
Kway Teow - RM 1.50 a bowl

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