Monday, October 21, 2013

Big Bitez Signature Western Food - Lamb Loin Chop @ Lee Soon Kopitiam [Khatib]

Alex has recently rekindled his interest in table tennis and frequently played with his like-minded kakis at Yishun Stadium, which means he has plenty of opportunities to dine in a part of Yishun that i seldom visit after the demise of my grandfather. 

Big Bitez Signature came strongly recommended from him; although i was skeptical, Alex has been proven to have that uncanny ability of suggesting something really unforgettable (good and bad). 

Proclaiming himself as always to be the king of fish and chips (that's his usual order for Western food), his affection nowadays was towards the one hailing from Big Bitez. I am going to quote him verbatim on his review; it's soft and crunchy! 

My order was cholesterol richer in nature; 
Lamb Loin Chop! 

At a very tempting pricing of only S$9 for two chops that came with two sides of your choice, i was most impressed with the thickness of the meat! 

Other than the above, there was nothing exceptional that could topple the position of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at Buckaroo. Maybe a suggestion or two; eliminate the brown sauce and go for mint dip and be more daring in the play of herbs and spices in the grilling which might result in a more flavourful punch! 


Block 848, Yishun St 81,
Lee Soon Food Court

Fish and Chips - S$6.00
Lamb Loin Chop - S$9.00
[comes with two sides]

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