Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pulau Tulai (also know as Coral Island) - Full Day Snorkeling Trip Part 1 @ Tioman [Malaysia]

The full-board package i booked with Discovery Tour for Tioman included a half day snorkeling trip to the offshore Reggis Island and Marine Park. 

That would be sufficient for most people but not for Alex and i; two crazy men who are obsessed with the beauty of the underwater world!

Therefore, when we realised there was an option to top up to a full day snorkeling trip, we jumped at the opportunity and immediately signed up.

I am not going to bore you with details of the over thirty-minute boat journey and shall bring you straight to the first destination; Tulai Island which is also known as Coral Island.

As i plunged into the clear blueish water, i was disappointed to find the ground too sandy; an environment that is hardly conducive for corals and fishes.

We should never forget that Earth is 30% land and 70% water! Venture further and you would find an improved situation although it paled in comparison to what we experienced in Redang Island.

Even Alex faced extreme difficulties in enticing the fishes to feed on the bread he purposely brought along. Bet by now you would have noticed the differences in picture quality and contrast. We brought along two underwater cameras; an Olympus and a Canon!

Now, be ready for an avalanche of underwater pictures as i paddled further away from the shoreline.

Just like humans add life to cities, fishes bring life to the underwater world even if they are living in a not-too-prosperous region.

Walked up the beach to take a breather and chanced upon this sign. Bloody; you are not supposed to use the inlet as a rubbish bin! On second thoughts, it would be better to have them there rather than dumping the rubbish on the beach.

Another picture of the beach, which was the first destination of our Tulai island excursion. I didn't confirm with the boatmen but this could be the pasir panjang beach listed on the aged poster installed next to the resort's activities corner.

This would be the second destination; a bay at Coral Island that would likely be the Teluk Genting. Once again, i neglected to confirm with the locals! :(

The sight that greeted us was indeed more spectacular than pasir panjang beach!

I would have taken many more pictures if not for our dear Alex's insistence that there would be enough battery juice for the snorkeling trip. Turned out one of the cameras was almost drained and we were not even halfway through!! Bloody Alex!!!

Anyway, it takes a keen eye to spot the tiny creatures (like the hermit crab above) with amazing camouflaging skills wandering all over the places. The water current often blurred the pictures and it took me a while to take this "okay" picture. 

Coral Clams! They were in abundance in Tioman and how i wish i can scrape them out and barbecue them over charcoal! That would be so delicious! 

Final look before the whole group departed for Kampong Salang for lunch! 


Location Maps
As above. 


  1. love your tioman entry!!! im going off in June! cant wait. btw, may I know what canon n olympus camera models you guys using? which camera took clear pictures like the ones above ya? thanks in advance!! - lia

    1. Thanks!!! Hope you would enjoy yourselves as much as i did and pray that the black flies don't come in swarms! My Olympus was the basic Tough-6020. Not so sure about the Canon as my friend borrowed it from another friend. Personally, i thought the Canon waterproof camera took better underwater pictures.