Monday, September 30, 2013

My Two Days One Night Escapade to Malacca!

Being trigger-happy has its disadvantage.

There is the tendency to take far too many pictures; often to the extent that i have trouble organising them for a singular post in this blog! The good news is that i can be much more detailed!

So here goes a somewhat summary of my 2D1N visit to Malacca, with options to click for more information! 

I shall start from the very humble beginning - Golden Mile Complex where, as many of you are aware, is the place to go for coaches to Malaysia and even up to Hatyai (Thailand).

Taking the coach from Five Stars Tour! For a person who enjoys free movies on long distance coach journey, you should see the disappointment on my face when i couldn't find any! :(

And you know what's worse?! There was a sign on the bus for commuters to be silent! Me being quiet?!?! Not when i have no movie to rely on for the next few hours! So, chatter we did for almost four hours.  

Checked into the Mahkota Hotel's 2-bedroom apartment! Click here for more info. 

Went for the half day cultural tour arranged by my friend of over ten years! Check out the details here. Frankly, i would prefer to spend the time traversing the century-old streets of Malacca!

Went back to the hotel to dump our goodies. Took a piss in the hotel lobby's toilet and my eyes glanced up to the above artwork. Not sure about you but there was just an uncanny feeling about it.

No way am i going to leave out Jonker Street on weekend nights when its unmatched vibrancy really comes alive. Note, the crowd would be extremely bad on Saturdays. 
I posted a long entry on the pasar malam along Jonker Street around three months ago. There were not many differences so you can still rely on the information here

Not much doesn't mean don't have. This time round, the craze was on the uber adorable minions from the movie Despicable Me 2.

Posted this purely because i like the myriad of soft colours.

Create natural double eyelids in five minutes with no surgery and no medication!? Woah.... i should get it although on second thought, the lady manning the stall didn't appear to have double-eyelids... 

The stage was utilised this time for karaoke sessions! Love the hokkien songs so much that i almost wanted to scramble up on stage to belt out classics like "ai pia jia eh yia"!

Things were not cheap and as my sister would say; you might get a way better deal via online portals like Well, i am an old school shopper and love to touch and feel the products i buy.

Breakfast the next day and this picture was taken without my knowledge! Damn, i can see a strand of grey hair! 

Crossing over the highway to the Mahkota Parade shopping centre! There was no traffic light, no pedestrian crossing and no bridge right across unless you are willing to walk around 300-500 meters from the hotel's entrance.

There are now quite a few shopping malls in Malacca in close proximity to Mahkota Parade. Do check out the newer ones like Dataran Pahlawan and Hatten Square, if you have time. 

As the rest focused on shopping in air-conditioned malls, my friend and i took to Jonker Street again! I wanted to eat Cendol whereas my friend wanted to buy some coffee from Calanthe Art Cafe.

My preference of coffee would be from this Sin Sing Coffee along Jonker Street, near to the performance stage. Note, i have always liked the buttery Southeast Asian coffee over the acidic Western coffee.

A group picture before we checked out! In case i have yet to share, my friend organised a trip for his staff and both Alex and I were invited along for it! *blessed*

It was a direct coach that sent us back to Singapore and took only three hours! By the way, anyone knows how i could visit these kelongs?

Reached Singapore using Second Link! 
*a big thank you to Dr Oh for the trip*! 

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