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Mahkota Hotel - 2-Bedroom Deluxe Apartment @ Malacca [Opposite Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre]

When it comes to hotels in Malacca, Singaporeans would definitely know the following three; Mahkota, Equatorial and the latest, Hatten. 

I have been to Malacca twice before and both times, i chose the lesser known hotels (Venus Boutique Hotel was one of them) in the hope of getting a better deal. This round, Mahkota Hotel was selected and it's not because i wanted to!

A friend i knew from my army days asked me (and Alex) along for an overseas 2 days, 1 night Melaka trip he organised for his staff. So a BIG THANKS to him for his generous invitation! 

This inviting pool right outside the main lobby attracted the attention of almost everyone disembarking from the coach, especially when the morning ride to Malacca has been tiresomely long.

An appropriate backdrop for a photoshoot!

Let's talk about our accommodation; there are nine housing blocks in total, offering three types of room. 

Here's ours; a two-bedroom deluxe apartment that came complete with a kitchenette and an air-conditioned living room! Gosh, it felt so homely! 

Given the abundance of food in Malacca, i don't see why i would want to use the kitchen. Speaking of which, why would a traveller require so many cupboards for!? I don't think i want to hoard up on food supplies, pots and pans when i am overseas. And you know what the funny thing is?

The sign - 'Strictly No Cooking'!!!! Why bother having an induction cooktop then? For show (to create a more homely atmosphere) or for me to dry my socks?!

Whatever the case, the entire premise was comfy enough and i have always preferred large windows that allow loads of sunlight into the room; gloomy rooms unleash my wild imagination for the non-living. 

The typical bedroom setup. For those who are waiting for paranormal encounters, there is none. We did knock before we entered the apartment though. Want to know the ten taboos when staying in a hotel? Click here

Loving the comfortable bed that was directly facing the air-conditioner! The slumber that night was easily one of the best i ever have! Okay, it could have something to do with the four-hour sleep i barely clocked the night before. 

View from my room! This pool, out of two in the hotel, is more for families with children. Jerald and Jovyn would unquestionably enjoy the slides, as they did in Bintan Lagoon!

Bathroom facilities showed signs of ageing even though i am not very particular so long i can take a shower and the heater is working! Oh, and no discolouration of the water! 

TV channel offerings - Mahkota hotel was built quite a while back (i could not find the data but it is likely more than ten years ago) so the television used was that of the traditional CRT display. 

I woke up pretty early the next morning to check out other facilities of the hotel. Note: I guess you don't need further introduction on the swimming pools. 

As you could probably assume from the above, the picture shows the tennis court facing Pulau Melaka, a man-made island. Actually, for those who are unaware, Mahkota Hotel itself was also constructed on reclaimed land.

Gymnasium for health freaks like my sister. The equipment looked pretty new to me and i kind of regretted not using it as i woke up much earlier than the rest on that morning! Could do with some running on the treadmill to burn some calories. 

To be totally honest, i initially thought i had stepped into the housekeeping section! Remember i was complaining about the kitchen? There was a launderette too!!! Maybe there are wealthy individuals who bought the apartments as holiday homes; hence the need to have these essential facilities.

Anyway, should you have loads to wash and do not wish to utilise the expensive laundry service provided by the hotel, you can consider the launderette which cost RM 6.00 for a maximum load of 10.5 kilograms and an approximate 30-minute wait. 

Children's playroom and playground - other must-haves for families with kids! I think i would cry if you ask me to be stationed in the playroom when there are plenty to explore OUTSIDE the hotel.

As part of the regular accommodation deal, a buffet breakfast was provided at Cafe Mahkota.

The spread was quite extensive and you get your decent boring fruit punches, coffee, tea, fried eggs, nasi lemak, congee, dim sum, sausages, salads, fruits, breads and pastries. 

My very standard breakfast! 

Price list of the buffets served in Cafe Mahkota; the one that caught my attention is this "longest high tea" (god knows what it means) that is limited to only Sundays from 12noon to 5pm! 


Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz 
[Opposite Mahkota Parade]

As above.

This is based on walk-in rates. For promotional packages, please check out the website.

Click here for more information and room bookings!

Additional Information
Singaporeans who drive all the way to Malacca may wish to know that there is complimentary parking for hotel guests.  


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    The hotel is more than 20yrs old. I should know. It was built when I was living just a stone's throw away. :) And you know how old I am... hahahahahah :p

    1. hahahaha i definitely know how old you are! thankfully you posted the same message in facebook or i won't even know who this anonymous commentor is!


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