Sunday, September 01, 2013

Henderson Waves on a Sunday Morning [Part of Singapore's Southern Ridges]

Part of my recent routine to expose my parents to the many local attractions which they have yet to visit is to drag myself out of bed on most Sunday mornings! What to do, Sundays are when dad is mostly free and the brat (Jovyn) would also be in the good hands of her tiger mommy back in Sengkang.

Two Sundays ago, i brought the parents to Henderson Waves! They have seen the stunning structure while travelling along Henderson Road even though they have yet to step on it.

To reduce your carbon footprint, it would be recommended to take public transport or walk but when the persons in question (us for example) stay in Yishun, driving our 7 year-old Vios is the best option! For motorists, please park your vehicle at Telok Blangah Hill Park instead of the crowded Faber Hill.

Underbelly of the bridge as we trekked up the less-travelled vehicle route; guess some maintenance work is required to clean up the dirt. 

Residents immersed in their swordplay exercise; i assumed that such a scene would be uncommon in Singapore and i was proven wrong! Maybe i should make more attempts to wake up earlier on weekends to visit the parks. 

Walking on the highest pedestrian bridge (36 meters) in Singapore! The route was designed in a way that you would not be aware of what to expect in the beginning (except for that massive green backdrop) until you step deeper in.

Although the above photograph could not capture my parents' expression, they were actually in awe of the surroundings that opened up to them. 

On one side was the morning sun awakening from its slumber, blanketing the central business district in the far distance and the many public flats next to the park with its gentle orange hue. 

The other side was an entirely different world; mainly lush greenery with the aesthetically-unique condominium (Reflections at Keppel Bay) taking up the centrepiece role. 

Photographs of mom and dad. The reversal of roles has only just begun; in my younger days, my parents would try their best to make Sunday the family bonding day by bringing the three children brats to places like Sentosa, Sembawang Park. It's my turn now. :)

I had blogged on Henderson Waves in 2010 and it was, for a period of time, the place for the Gang of Four to chill out at night when most shops were closed for the day. A pity age is now catching up on us and night activities are frowned upon by the sleeping bugs in our bodies! 

Maybe we can consider camping on the bridge like this young man did. There is no rain shelter but it should be fun sleeping under the vast star-filled sky. 

What i hate to see is the inconsiderate actions of some of the users. Littering is unacceptable but to throw your rubbish on top of the beams is plain atrocious! How do you expect the cleaners to remove it?! Assholes!

Despite the no-smoking sign, cigarette butts were found on the timber deck. I have no issue with smokers; no matter what, it is their personal choice but it's frustrating to see such blatant displays of nonchalance!

On one hand, the use of surveillance cameras appeared ineffective while on the other hand, i have to understand that the park is public accessible 24 hours and it would not be easy to catch errant smokers and litterbugs. 

Enough of complaints! The 274-meter Henderson Waves is an important connection for the Southern Ridges; a 9-kilometer trail stretches from Mount Faber at Harbourfront to Kent Ridge, where my current workplace is. 

There is no step on the bridge, making it easier for the elderly and the handicapped to enjoy the facility and the accompanying views. 

Made of yellow balau wood, an all-weather timber material found in Southeast Asia, it can be quite unnerving for visitors who are afraid of height to notice the gap in between the slabs. 

Dad checking out the height and the "skeleton" of the bridge. 

These steel 'ribs' sculpts the bridge and gives it the artistic feel of a dancing wave that bounces from one park to the other. The ribs also act as shelters for park goers. 

Henderson Road - i personally enjoy driving down this road to Sentosa just to drive under the imposing Henderson Waves. Plus, traffic is usually smoother this way. :P 

Blossoming tree.

Ending this post with the complete curves from Mount Faber side. 


Location and Map
Along Henderson Road. Nearest MRT station is Circle Line; Telok Blangah station


  1. Scenery look nice, thank you for the info.

    1. make it a point to visit then; nothing beats seeing the view with your very own eyes. :)

  2. what is the closest dropoff place for the bridge, without having to trek?

    1. The closest drop off would be from mount faber side. Do keep in mind that it should only be a drop off and not for parking as the road is too narrow. :)

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    Which is the easy way to start and the closest to the wave with wheelchair user as a friend?. Thanks

    1. The easiest way is via Mount Faber; however, the parking spaces were further away and there were limited lots. I would recommend from Telok Blangah hill. Enjoy!


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