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Restoran Anak Nyonya (小娘惹) - Traditional Peranakan Cuisine@ Jonker Street, Malacca [Malaysia]

Many Singaporeans, including the Gang of Four, are familiar with the term "The Little Nyonya" (小娘惹), which was an immensely popular television serial in Singapore.

That was actually the main reason why we decided to have lunch at Restoran Anak Nyonya (which is translated as the little nyonya restaurant). I know. =_=||| right? Haha.

It could have been a bad decision but the sight of media articles about this place did help to reassure us that our worries could be unfounded.

Before i start with my review, i would like to notify all my readers that even though i love Peranakan desserts and their kuehs, i am not a fan of their main dishes. Why? Hm... let's just said it is a matter of personal preference. 

Pineapple Juice
A refreshing respite from the bloody hot weather! Doubt it was freshly blended as the flavour was exactly the same as those that came from canned pineapples.

Cincaluk Egg
I had this a few times in Singapore and never like it. This was the worst of the lot so far; in addition to failing for the lack in cincaluk (fermented shrimps) taste, it was also overloaded with salt!

Assam Fish
Chilli lovers would fall for the sour spiciness in the gravy yet i thought the consistency of the gravy could be a tad thicker which would have enabled the flavour to stay a bit longer in the mouth.

Chap Chye
When i first tried this a few years back, i could not help comparing it to the marvelicious stir fried cabbage with luncheon meat that my mom is renowned for. There is no doubt i still prefer her version. 

Fried Chicken Wings
Thinking that the marination would be uniquely different, we requested for two sets (the restaurant's minimum order). By the way, one set is equivalent to one whole wing. Why they use set instead of wing is a question that is beyond my rational comprehension. 

First thought; normal. Second thought: at least it is crispy. The third thought was something like "Eeeeee, the bone was black" which would have been an exaggeration on my part since i don't really care. 

Chicken Pong Teh
In its original form, it should be Babi Pong Teh and uses pork instead of chicken. 

Peculiarly, i prefer this chicken version; a sweet aftertaste kind of sealed its fate and it has that magical touch of a home-cooked stew. The Great Kon thought otherwise and opined (gosh, work related words) that his mom can cook a much better one!

I would have to wait for that chance to try Auntie Kon's Ayam Pong Teh! 


88 Jalan Tokong 
[near the end of Jonker Street]

As above. 


Pineapple Juice - RM 12 a jug
Cincaluk Egg - RM 7 (Small)
Assam Fish - RM 18 (Small)
Chap Chye - RM 9 (Small)
Fried Chicken Wings - RM 5 (a set)
Chicken Pong Teh - RM 10 (Small)

As above. 

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