Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not Your Usual Trishaws - Colourful with Flashing LED Lights @ Melaka [Malaysia]

As the taxi entered the historical center of Malacca on the way towards our hotel, the Gang of Four's attention was immediately drawn to the sights of flashing LED lights coming from a group of trishaws!

I am unsure how people would take to this radical transformation of an otherwise pretty plain looking trishaw but i am certain it adds elements of colourful cheekiness that stand contrasted to boring history.

Not one of them has the same design and choosing a suitable one would heavily depend on one's taste and preference. For example, you would never catch me sitting in the trishaw decked out in artificial flowers of various shades of pink and an LED outline that was flashing neon pink! 

In the daytime, these trishaws continued to create interest among tourists with their flashy displays. If not for the lack of time, the Gang was in fact keen to ride on them for the experience. 

Where could you find them? Surroundings of the Stadthuys! Renting a trishaw could be expensive and it's common to hear of ridiculous rates even in sanitised Singapore! 

For your benefit, you may wish to note that renting a trishaw for an hour in Malacca would cost RM 40.00 (approximately S$17). Yes, i believe you can haggle for a lower price. :)

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