Sunday, June 30, 2013

Minced Meat Fishball Noodle - 發記肉脞魚圓面 @ Kovan Hawker Centre

Frequent patrons of Kovan 209 food centre would have noticed the existence of three minced meat fishball noodle stalls in close proximity. 

That should not come as a surprise (it's common to find competitors setting up shop selling similar food whenever there is an extremely popular one close by anyway) except for one very interesting phenomenon; all three boasted a queue! 

Like many people who are unprepared when face with numerous options, i am flustered as to which to choose! My sister, a veteran customer of the hawker centre, faithfully suggested 發記. She added: "this one very lavish with pork lards"! 

No picture on pork lard since you can find plenty of them in my recent postings. Look closer into the above picture and i bet the hawk in you can still spot pieces of them. 

Anyway, I shall zoom into the fishballs which were listed prominently on the signboard - really nothing to scream about as the texture was more alike to fish cakes. Minced meat wise, it would be fairer to assess it as a whole package with the other ingredients.

Noodles - they were not too dry, not too soggy and generally well received by my mom and me. So far, it didn't appear that i was exceptionally enjoying my food. 

Truth is; i love their tasty combination of flavours arising from generous servings of pork lard, minced meat, fishballs, fish cakes, braised mushrooms, noodles and meat balls! 


209 Hougang Street 21, #01-05, 
Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre

Minced Meat Fishball Noodle - S$3.50 a bowl 

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