Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Melaka Chicken Rice Balls - The Really Famous One @ Kedai Kopi Chung Wah (中華茶室海南雞飯粒)

The above photograph was so misleading. Just the day before (on a typical Sunday), i can count a queue that was easily over twenty persons long! 

Whatever, this was listed in this website as one of the top 3 favourite chicken rice balls in Malacca and given the emphasis that the Gang of Food places on food, it's a definite for us to try this out. 

Chilli sauce - often touted as indispensable by many chicken rice lovers, you should be able to gauge its obvious potency by the outlook. I am not that particular, so no further comment on the chilli. 

I am repeating this; no, chicken rice balls ARE NOT TO MY LIKING and i totally detest the concept of having unfulfilling lumps of mushy rice that tasted too salty. 

The steamed chicken was comparatively better although i have to add that in spite of the smooth tenderness of the meat, it had yet to reach the standard of, just to quote an example, Tian Tian chicken rice in Singapore. 

What put us off eventually was once again the high level of sodium! It surprised me that the Malaysian palate has such a high threshold for salt in their diet.


Jalan Hang Jebat 
[Start of Jonker Street]

RM40 for everything
Barley drink was RM 1.10 per cup

Additional Information
Chung Wah coffee shop is located directly opposite the famous specialty shop; 
San Shu Gong.

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