Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eng's Noodle House - Char Siew Wanton Mee & Signature Super Hot Chilli [榮高叉燒雲吞麵] @ 287 Tanjong Katong Road

Having digested so many servings of wanton noodles from hawker stalls all over Singapore, i thought i have seen them all and eaten them all. By right, there should not be any more palatal surprise.

Once again, it's never good to be too conceited, especially when it comes to food where recipe improvement is a continuous effort that never seems to end! And with this statement, let's direct the post today to Eng's Noodle House along the often congested Tanjong Katong road.

Avid readers of the Straits Times might find the name familiar; the death of its founder, Mr Ng Ba Eng, was actually reported in the news recently. The fact that it was newsworthy implied so much on the popularity and status of the man and his wanton noodles. 

Not to forget; his super hot chilli sauce! I was given prior warnings by the Kon-Tan couple and damn were they right! 

The sauce might have deceived many poor innocent diners with its orange, mayonnaise like colour; a small drop on my tongue elicited an unbearable spicy sensation that was immediately followed by the dilation of sweat pores on my head! 

Always get ready your cold drinks before you attempt to take the chilli. Note - the advice is for weak chilli takers like myself as I am fully aware that there are many insane chilli lovers in Singapore.

Fried Wantan
Let's start with the food now. Served fresh from the frying wok, these delightful pieces of dumplings were a joy to have, particularly with mayonnaise! 

Boiled Wanton
It's not the first time i have mentioned that i prefer the chunkier shui jiao (水饺) over the much tinier wanton dumpling. However, i have to admit these boiled wantons were too delicious to ignore; the minced pork had a very addictive flavour and the meat proportion was also higher, resulting in a more satisfying bite. 

Boiled Vegetables 
Fresh, green, crunchy and somewhat healthy - this is as far as i can describe for something that i generally have not much interest in. 

Wantan Mee
The main star didn't disappoint! In my honest opinion, i thought this could have given the expensive wanton noodles (Kok Kee) from Lavender Food Square a run for their money. I had them plain without chilli or tomato sauce and thought there were hints of the same exceptional essence also used by Kok Kee

There was a key bias that would skew the rating, at least for my case. The free flow pork lards and mind you, they were not of poor, factory made quality! 

It made perfect sense to sprinkle loads of pork lard on to the al dente noodles! Such action should never be seen by my father who would switch on his nagging button to torment us on the merits of healthy eating. I should also add that in comparison to Kok Kee, the char siew was way better in terms of smokiness, flavour and chao-ta-ness!  

Very contented. 


No 287, Tanjong Katong Road
[there is a punggol nasi lemak right opposite]

As above
[red star]

Opening Hours
11am till 9pm
[Close on alternate Mondays]

Ordering Form [Menu]
As above. 


  1. ps, your red star from the map is missing

    1. it's there but very small... click to see the whole picture! :)


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