Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Another Lion Tomb @ Lim Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery

So that vague, fuzzy memory at the back of my mind was right after all - there is indeed another tombstone in the realistic shape of a lion in Singapore's only official burial grounds for the dead! 

Compared to the crying lion i mentioned here, this king of the beasts has an expression that was somber yet grand and dignified; rightful traits for a grieving lion. 

In typical Chinese customs, the placement of a cub is generally reserved for the lioness and its use for a male lion (i am assuming this is male since it bears no resemblance to the legendary depiction of a Chinese lion) should be considered very rare! 

Two Chinese verses flanked the main plaque. A search on the web drew insignificant results on the verses and translating them made more sense in this case. 

鳳飛七洋白虎曜 were translated as:
Phoenix flew over the seven oceans, dazzling the white tiger

獅吼九洲青龍震 were translated as:
Tiger roared throughout the nine provinces, shocking the green dragon

Rather than Feng Shui, the verses seemed to portray a legacy dotted by many impressive achievements made by the deceased. 

p.s. i did an online search on the name of the deceased as well and failed to get any answers.


Block 18 of Lim Chu Kang Cemetery 
[officially, the cemetery is known as Choa Chu Kang cemetery but locals always prefer to use Lim Chu Kang cemetery as the former usually refer to a town of the same name]

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